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Ordering Advice

The following details will ensure that your inquiries and orders are deals with quickly and efficiently

  1. Length of cables required and individual drum lengths.
  2. Voltage designation.
  3. Relevant British or International standard.
  4. Number of cores.
  5. Color code & color sequence ( Phase colors and neutral color ).
  6. Conductor size, where applicable and size of reduced neutral conductor.
  7. Conductor material e. copper, aluminum.
  8. Conductor type ( solid class 1, stranded class 2 or Flexible strand class 5 ).
  9. Type of insulation (PVC, XLPE, Special compounds)
  10. Type of bedding.
  11. Fire Resistance Cables According to IEC 60331.
  12. Type of (STA, GSWA, AWA, STA+SWA, ….)
  13. Type of outer sheath ( PVC, Reduced Flame Propagation PVC, Low smoke and Fume sheath ….).
  14. Any other requirement, g. circular conductors, special PVC sheath material, drum weight limitation, etc.


  • Cables are normally supplied in length of 1000 meters up to 95 mm2 and 500 m for larger sizes. Other lengths can be supplied if required.
  • Single core cables normally in lengths of 1000 mm up to 240 mm2 & 500 m for larger sizes.
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