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BICC ELECTRIC can provide Optimum cables performance, and has access to the latest development in conductor, insulation and protective materials technology. Our experienced Technical staff can provide guidance on cable selection and installation.

Where necessary, special features can be incorporated into the cable enabling it to have: Improved fire performance,

Low smoke and fume ( Halogen free ), Termite resistance,

Resistance to attack from oils, solvents or corrosive chemicals.

BICC ELECTRIC Technical Engineers will be glad to provide assistance to ensure you get the right cable that fully complies with your applications.

2.2 Reliability

Specifying the right cable for a particular application is the first step. However, the key to reliability is in the manufacturing process. The cable must be from high quality material and manufactured ensuring that no defects or weaknesses will be revealed in service.

BICC ELECTRIC constantly monitors all manufacturing processes and operates the most stringent Quality Assurance procedures to give you excellent reliability. It is a factor which assumes vital significance when cables are to be installed in locations where future access would be difficult. That is when BICC ELECTRIC cables and resources will give peace of mind.

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